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#SisterSirensRocktheSisterhood - Melody

What does the phrase "Body Positive" mean to you?
Body Positive means being confident in your body.

Why is performing important to you?
Performing is important to me because I like making the audience feel happy. If I can inspire an audience member into thinking "If she can do that, so can I", then I have done my job as a performer.

What was it about your chosen art form that drew you?
I was actually "dared" into taking a belly dance class. I thought it would be easy. Boy, was I wrong. It was something that you have to train your body for. It takes years of practice to develop the muscle memory required to become a successful belly dancer.

What has your journey to body positivity been like?
That is an easy question, my journey to body positivity has been a very "positive" experience due to my dance sisters in my belly dance troupe. We encourage and support each other, even beyond performing. We are sisters of the heart.

What, if any, impression(s) do you hope your audience walks away from your performances with?
I hope that my audience felt delighted,inspired and entertained. I hope I made them smile.

What do you want people to know about your story as it relates to participating in this project?
Well, for me it would be that you can do anything at any age. Do not let the limited perceptions of others diminish your unlimited perceptions of yourself.
#SisterSirensRocktheSisterhood - Melody