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#iamajourney - Shannon

What does the phrase "Body Positive" mean to you?
Body positive means we do not let others give or receive negative words to any body and support that all bodies are good bodies, no matter the shape or size.

Why is performing important to you?
Performing is important to me because I feel like myself when I Dance with friends and get the ability to show my true self to an audience.

What was it about your chosen art form that drew you?
I saw a magazine with these pictures of swirling ATS tribal dancers full of color and grace and fell in love.

What has your journey to body positivity been like?
It has been full of ups and downs. It's an ongoing process that gets tested every day. I have to remember that my journey isn't done so therefore neither is my body.

What, if any, impression(s) do you hope your audience walks away from your performances with?
I want my audience to walk away entertained and excited to see more.

What do you want people to know about your story as it relates to participating in this project?
I've come far from where I was as a kid. I've learned to accept and sometimes love my body. But it's a long, never finished journey and it's okay to learn to be happy with your body as it is now, not what it could be.
#iamajourney - Shannon