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#anybellycandance - Nicole

What does the phrase "Body Positive" mean to you?
Any action or attitude that helps break down the preconceived notion of what a "perfect" body is.
Why is performing important to you?
I love to show people the beauty and emotional complexity of belly dance. Dance is also an incredibly fulfilling way to bring some joy and give a little bit back to the world.
What was it about your chosen art form that drew you?
I love that belly dance can express the full range of human emotion, and in limitless ways. It's just such an expansive dance with so many styles and variations.
What has your journey to body positivity been like?
I started belly dancing when my first child was 8 months old. I was at my heaviest weight, with loads of new stretch marks and the dreaded mummy tummy. Through belly dance I went from "I hate my belly" to "Check out what me belly can do!"
What, if any, impression(s) do you hope your audience walks away from your performances with?
I want them to feel inspired, and like belly dance is something that they could do and enjoy.
What do you want people to know about your story as it relates to participating in this project?
Belly dance helped me get in touch with powerful, confident side of myself that I didn't even know existed. Every woman deserves to feel that way.
#anybellycandance - Nicole