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#Iamenough - Kim (Luscious Lilly)

What does the phrase "Body Positive" mean to you?
Loving, accepting and celebrating all body types.

Why is performing important to you?
It is my mode of self-expression and activism. And it's really fun and empowering!!! Just 60-70 years ago there was not a safe space for women to express themselves and perform sexually in a way that was empowering, fun, safe, and totally up to them and in their control. I deeply value the right and ability I have in my country today to be able to get up on a stage with other amazing ladies and strip, perform, express myself and have fun, and do this all while knowing that I am safe, respected and empowered. That is a huge blessing that I never take for granted.

What was it about your chosen art form that drew you?
I love that the heart of burlesque is sticking it to the man, and going against social conventions about what is appropriate, beautiful, sexy, acceptable, and ok. It is a truly revolutionary and activist art form in my opinion. It also allows me to express my sensuality in a way that is empowering, fun, involves community, and is safe.

What has your journey to body positivity been like?
WOW! Big question! It has been a roller coaster and I have been fiercely dedicated to empowering myself and those around me because we live in a society that disempowers us very intensely with regard to our body image, self-esteem, and out sexuality and gender expression.

What, if any, impression(s) do you hope your audience walks away from your performances with?
I hope they walk away with a feeling of being totally empowered, inspired and fired up about how who they are is OK, beautiful, worthy of love and expression, and they can do whatever the fuck they want!!!

What do you want people to know about your story as it relates to participating in this project?
My story has been a long an bumpy one that began at day one! Everything I have experienced in this lifetime has brought me to this point of being fiercely committed to empowering and freeing myself and others to love, embrace and celebrate their body and everything about who they are. Women especially are so beaten down in our society with ads, media of all types, and the deep cultural heterosexism and misogyny that is rooted in our culture, giving us subtle and not-so-subtle messages about what we should be and look like and how we should compromise who we are for the ego of others. Being a performer, therapist, empowerment coach and teacher, and participating in awesome empowering projects like this one are all a part of my passion for empowering all humans, no matter what gender they identify with or were assigned to at birth. Empowerment, love, and radical self-acceptance and self-trust all start with each of us as individuals and with how we choose to relate to ourselves. Choose to relate to yourself as the powerful, miraculous, worthy, gorgeous badass that you are.

I am all for people taking back and owning their power and their Divine birthright to unconditional love, acceptance, and self-expression. I have pulled and grown myself out of low self-esteem, and self-hate and rejection, into a person who is whole-heartedly committed to self-love and acceptance, forgiveness and reclaiming our birthright for love and enoughness! And I am dedicating my life to helping others coming back to that empowerment and freedom!
#Iamenough - Kim (Luscious Lilly)