Gladys White Scott - Photographer

I'm a wife and a momtograpHer of three boys whom I adore beyond measure.  I understand how important it is to capture the fleeting moments of infancy, and the crazy, fantastic, outlandish personalities of toddlers.  Families are in a constant state of evolution.  No one moment will ever be the same as the one before it.  Freezing time in a photo that can be cherished for generations is a special skill that I'm thrilled to make available to my clients and their families.

Growing up as a dancer gave me a deep understanding of what it's like to be in the spotlight and in front of the camera.  I understand how challenging having your photo taken can feel, and I make it my job to help everyone who steps in front of my lens to feel safe and feel comfortable.  Having your picture taken should be fun and enjoyable, and the images should reflect the whole of you.


*Photo by In Her Image Photography


Places and people I have worked with and recommend: