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Happy Holidays from Bits of Magic Images

It's family portrait time.

Happy Holidays Friends!

I hope this last year has been kind to you. I wanted to let those of you who may be still looking to do family photos know about what I have to offer this holiday season. It's not too late to schedule portraits of the kids or family!
Limited Edition On-Location Mini Sessions

I am offering two, limited edition mini sessions the first weekend of December.

December 2nd at Twin Pines Park in Belmont
December 3rd at Baylands Park in Sunnyvale

Sessions are $200 and include:
  • 30 minute photo session
  • 10 fully edited digital images
I have three time slots left for both event locations. To reserve YOUR spot, email me at
In-Studio Holiday Minis

If you can't make my special outdoor mini session, I'm offering in-studio sessions until the end of December.

Holiday Studio Minis are $150 and include:
  • 30 minute photo session on a Holiday themed set (
  • 5 fully edited images
Session are scheduled on weekends based on availability.
For those of you who missed it, The Naked Artisan Photography underwent a transformation this summer, and emerged as
Bits of Magic Image Studio!

New name. Same heART!
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Fab and Forty: Jennifer


Jennifer put on an adorable swing dress with bright red petticoat, and joined me in studio to celebrate her 40th birthday!  She was so much fun and we both had a blast creating the images to celebrate this milestone birthday!  Happy Birthday, Jen!

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Bump to Baby: JoHanna and Jacquelyn

I got to meet this incredible family and photograph their journey from pregnancy to new baby.  We created maternity images along the Carmel coastline during the most EPIC hike for a photo session I have ever undertaken.  Seriously, I think I lost 2-3 pounds that day!  Then a little bit later I joined the family in their home to create newborn memories of Baby Jacquelyn and her family.  I was honored to be able to do record their journey.

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Advice to the mom who doesn't want to be photographed. Advice to the Mom who doesn’t want to be photographed.

Remember, Moms (and Dads) that we are always our own harshest critics.  We have a laundry list of things about ourselves we don’t like, and wish we could or hope we will change. Here’s a secret, we assign those flaws to ourselves.  Our children do not notice or care about the flaws we fight with in the mirror each day.  When we are no longer here, our kids, family and friends are not going to be critiquing our body flaws (many of which only we see anyway) in photos of us, but they will, instead, be grateful to have a way to remember our face, the quirk of our smile, the color of our hair, and how much they loved us and us them. I ask each of you to be willing to step outside of yourself and your own self judgement, and be willing to leave memories for those who love us no matter what, and will always see us through the lenses of perfection that love provides.  Be photographed.  Exist in pictures.  One day, those images of you will help those who love you keep you close.  What is remembered, lives.


I am guilty of not being photographed enough.  I fight against the chorus of internal voices always willing to remind me how I don't love so many thing about my vessel.  But I do try.  I want a record of not just my existence, but of my love and joy of being with my family. 

This is the family portrait time of the year, and I'm already hearing my clients speaking power to their personal insecurities, and allowing those negative self-judgements to create a barrier for them to be photographed.  Whenever I hear this kind of self-talk, I do my best to encourage a different perspective.  The long and short of it is, the photos are for us today, but they are for our children tomorrow.  I'm conscious of how often I hear people speaking to the regret of not having any or very few images of their parents or loved ones when those precious individuals have passed on.  Regret is one of the worst feelings on the emotional spectrum, and not one that I, personally, want to leave my family with.  And, I'm pretty confident that I'm not alone in that sentiment. 

So I implore you all to keep in mind that you are worthy to exist in pictures with your family and for your family.  The people who love you do not hear or share in the negative voices that haunt our own minds, and if they could, I think they would argue against those thoughts with ferocity. 

Exist in pictures.  What is remembered, lives.

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Client Story: Jennifer I have known Jennifer for a long time.  I actually worked with her mother and then with her for a few years at the day job.  I was thrilled to photograph her during her first pregnancy and photograph her first child, Logan, throughout his first year, and I was, again, thrilled when she told me she was pregnant with baby number two.  After a short time, she told me more about her journey in between, and explained that this new little one was a rainbow baby.  She has granted me permission to republish what she shared today, in her own words, about her journey.

Jennifer is starting the induction process today so let's all send her much love, support, and buttery baby thoughts as she welcomes Autumn earthside.

I have never truly opened up about this but seeing as Autumn's arrival is now hours away it feels like it's time. When we lost our baby last October I felt like there was a gaping whole left in my heart. At first, I put on a strong front, I tried to be strong and I tried to only let others see that I would be ok, but I wasn't. I shut down, I didn't want to go out, I didn't want to talk to anyone, I just wanted to be left alone, I wanted to cry and I didn't want any reminders of what we lost. I am responsible for the life growing inside of me and I felt like I failed our baby. After a few months the tears dried and I began realizing what I needed to do to begin healing my heart. I took the time to reflect on what the GOOD things are in my life and how lucky I am for what I do have. In that mindset I was able to be happy again and to put a smile on my face, even though I thought about the baby daily. I found comfort in talking to the spirit of our baby and I cried when I felt like I needed to. In time my heart healed enough and I was able to face my friends, family and the world again.

When I found out we were expecting again, I was excited but mostly scared. I brought Patrick a box I had made him, on the outside it was painted black and grey with clouds and said "after every storm" and the inside was Sky blue and it said "there comes a rainbow" because Autumn is our rainbow baby and that is truly something special! I also knit my first baby hat! It is white with a rainbow on it and I placed it inside, I knew he was happy but I started crying, I was so scared to go through that again, I couldn't lose another baby, I couldn't feel that pain again.

As the time went by, the fear left. Naturally, every once in a while I was hit with a scare but something else hit me, something that made me feel completely joyful. We are getting ready to welcome our daughter, I wanted so badly to experience the close relationship I have with my mom. To know what it's like not only to watch my wonderful son grow, but my daughter too, to see that close relationship that a brother and sister share grow and warm my heart, something I never got to experience with my brother. I cherish the memories I have made with my mom, the talks about life, shopping, going to choose my wedding dress and her watching me become a mother and my own woman. I look forward to making those cherished memories with Autumn.

As I would lay and talk to the spirit of my angel each night, this overwhelming feeling came over me. I used to think that the day I died I would finally get to hold my angel BUT I don't believe that anymore, I know this is her, she came back to be with us. It's a feeling I can't explain but I know with every fiber of my being that it's true! So instead of waiting a lifetime, we will have to wait just a little longer to meet our angel. I know in my heart that her spirit never left me, she stayed with me, I felt her presence every day and I talked to her everyday, I know this is her.

Losing the pregnancy was the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with, losing a life that had yet to really live is the worst pain a mother could experience. But it also gave me the opportunity to reflect on myself and my life, on what I have that makes me happy and who I have that makes me happy. Then my angel came back to me and I'm going to hold on so tight. Without this awful experience I wouldn't be the me that I am today, every bit of what has happened to me, good or bad makes me who I am, and I have learned to be happy with that and to not dwell on the negative. Everyday I'm thankful for the gifts I've been given, my mistakes are lessons that I can teach my children, in hopes that they don't make the same ones.

Having unconditional love and support not only from my wonderful husband and son but from our closest friends and family have helped me exit the storm that our loss created and enter the bright light of the rainbow that is our daughter. I can't wait to meet you, my little angel baby, my Autumn Rain

P.S. The next time I see my Pookie he will be a big brother!

San Jose, CA Portrait Photographer San Jose, CA Portrait Photographer
San Jose, CA Portrait Photographer

photo collage from Jennifer


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Baby Mya - Bump to Baby  

I had the joy of photographing these wonderful parents as they waited for the arrival of their first daughter two years ago.  When I learned they were expecting again, I was able to coax them into the studio for a bump to baby.  I got to photograph the family during toward the end of mama's pregnancy, and saw them again after baby Mya had made her debut, at 13 days new. 

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Lily and Eva Turn One












This family was amazing.  This mama was amazing!  She brought her soon-to-be one year old twin girls in for a double cake smash.  I learned just before the session that mama also had four and a half year old twin boys!  Totally by the grace of nature.  (And wow!  I would NEVER have guessed she had carried twins, let alone two sets!)  This family was adorable, stylish, and charming and I enjoyed every minute of their session.

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Baby Myra Turns One












Baby Myra came in to celebrate her 1st birthday with a cake smash.  This little girl wasn't quite sure about the cake itself as American sweets were not part of her usual menu.  But she had fun and we got mom and dad (who were great toddler wranglers) came away with a great set of memories.

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Bump to Baby - Baby Bridgette 8 Days New

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Lifestyle Session - Baby Avi Baby Avi's parents didn't get a chance to have a newborn photo session done when Avi arrived.  They still wanted to document this sweet baby and their family so they invited me to their home for a lifestyle session. It was pure joy.


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Newborn Session - Introducing Baby Hailey

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Bump to Baby - Introducing Baby Iyaan Baby Iyaan is the only baby I have worked with who wouldn't let me photograph him as a newborn.  I was able to get only a couple of images after two different attempts to photograph him as a newborn. His parents and I decided that we would push out his session to his 3 month milestone, and that ended up being a wise choice.  The majority of his images were taken at that 3 month session.


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Introducing Baby Sascha

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New Name - Same HeART

It's been 16 days, and I realize that I haven't written a blog post about the significant news about my studio.  As of August 1st and after 12 years, The Naked Artisan Photography brand was retired and re-branded with a new and better fitting business name: Bits of Magic Image Studio. 


After years of trying to figure out my specialty, I have finally settled into photographing maternity and the first year of infancy for families.  After much reflection, I came to the conclusion that I had finally outgrown my original business name.  I appreciate all of you who have offered your enthusiastic love for uniqueness of the old brand.  I hope you're equally enthused by the new name.  I know I am.


What isn't changing?  Everything else.  My services, my quality of work, my dedication to creating beautiful images for your family are just the same as they were on July 31st.  If anything, I will continue to improve my skills so I can offer you even more unique, beautiful and compelling images and service offerings. 


So welcome to the new brand.  I look forward to capturing and creating your special moments and memories in the near future.

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Introducing Clover Elizabeth

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This week on Instagram
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June and July Studio Specials San Jose, CA Portrait Photographer San Jose, CA Portrait Photographer (C)ED BROBERG San Jose, CA Portrait Photographer


June Specials

Dads & Graduate Sessions

It's that time of year again.  The end of another school year and the beginning of summer!  With June comes two great things: celebrations of our little ones taking significant steps toward adulthood, and celebrating the men who help our little ones along their path of life and who are often, although not always, known by the name Dad.

Life is always marching forward.  There is never a better time than now to take a moment out and celebrate the milestones in your life now.   Celebrate the men in your life and the transitions from child to adult by booking a photo session for your loved ones with me.

In honor of these two June events, I’m offering Daddy & Me as well as graduate portrait sessions through the entirety of June for an all-inclusive price of $200. Sessions can be done on location or in studio.


Headshots for College Grads

I'm also offering $75 headshots for new college graduates.  2 outfits.  2 finished images.  Get those professional profiles polished up and ready to go! 


LGBQT Family Mini Sessions

It's Pride again and in honor of this year's pride, I'm offering my LGBQT families $45 Family Mini Sessions.  Sessions can be shot in studio or on location. 


To request further details about any of these specials, or to schedule your session, please visit









July Specials

Celebrate Harry Potter's birthday with the return of Harry Potter Minis!

Every Harry Potter fan knows that Harry celebrates his birthday in July.  While other photo studios offer Independence Day minis, I have decided to go in a different direction and bring back Harry Potter Mini Sessions this July!  These mini sessions are shot in my studio.  These themed minis are for ages 3 months through adult.  I invite families to participate and welcome cosplay! 

These mini sessions are 30 minutes with 5 magically finished images for $100. 

Don't wait!  These sessions will leave by owl post at the end of July!

To request further details about any of these specials, or to schedule your session, please visit

San Jose, CA Portrait Photographer San Jose, CA Portrait Photographer San Jose, CA Portrait Photographer




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Mother's Day - Mama & Me Special

As a mother, I know, first hand, that mothers have two general positions when it comes to photography. The first is that we are the ones most often capturing the family memories. Whether we have our smart phone camera or a professional DSLR, we’re the ones documenting our family life so we can both revel in the memories and share them with those we love.

The other position is one of hiding from being photographed ourselves. I don’t know a mom who doesn’t have a host of reasons why they can’t step in front of the camera, myself included. We’re wearing our mom pants. We don’t have makeup on. We need to loose (X) pounds. Or we simply just don’t like ourselves in that moment.

Here’s a bit of magical thinking that us mothers need to embrace. Our children love us. They don’t care that we didn’t brush our hair, don’t go to the gym, are wearing yesterday’s yoga pants, hate the way we look or feel in pictures. Our children are under a spell of wonder and don’t see our flaws. They love to squish up against our soft parts as it makes them feel warm and safe. They dance in our laughter. They think our crazy hair is beautiful and our smiles make them smile, too.

Moms, we’re the ones judging us. We’re the ones saying we’re not worthy. In the years to come, our kids just want to have memories to hold. They want to see the tiny versions of themselves alongside their ever so precious mommy. They are not going to look at an image and judge us. They are going to look at an image and remember how much they love us and us them.

So, I invite you, Mom, to celebrate Mother’s Day with a photo session with you and your children. I also invite those of you who still have your moms in your lives to consider having a photo session celebrating you and your mom. We all know time only ever marches forward. I invite you to put aside the litany of reasons why you can’t be photographed now, and spend an hour with me and your most precious loves celebrating one of the most powerful relationships in nature: the bond between mother and child.

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’m offering Mama & Me sessions through the entirety of May for an all-inclusive price of $200. Sessions can be done on location or in studio. To request further details, or to schedule your session, please visit


Mama & Me

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Get your May the Fourth Mini-Session Spot - Now Booking! San Jose, CA Portrait Photographer San Jose, CA Portrait Photographer San Jose, CA Portrait Photographer San Jose, CA Portrait Photographer


I will be doing May the Fourth mini-sessions the weekend of April 28th and 29th. Sessions will be 20 minutes and feature two different Star Wars inspired backdrops.

Sessions cost $100 and will include 5 images delivered after the event.

Sessions shoot between 10 am and 5 pm Saturday and Sunday, and require booking in advance. Cosplay is strongly encouraged! Bring yourself, your little one(s), or the whole family. Share this with your Star Wars loving friends!



Start by purchasing your session reservation using the PayPal button below.








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Head Shot and Networking Event EVENT CANCELLED. 

I will reschedule soon.



If you're looking for an opportunity to update your professional head shots, get some pointers on improving your resume by a Silicon Valley talent professional, and meet some great professionals from a cross section of the valley, then you may want to consider reserving a spot at my first head shot and networking event! Spread the word! 25 spaces available!


Head shots are no longer reserved for C-staff, real estate agents, and performers. With the advent of LinkedIn, personal websites, blogs, and social media, there is a steadily growing demand for defined personal branding which is summarized by a good head shot. Whether taken in a studio, office, or on-location, these photos are becoming a necessity to help individuals stand out in crowd or cloud.

The Naked Artisan Photography will be hosting an afternoon of photography and networking at the co-working space and startup incubator, ActionSpot, in San Jose. If you work or play in Silicon Valley, you probably already know that a great head shot or profile image is becoming a staple of a strong professional or personal profile. Come network with other professionals while having your head shot taken or updated.

Reservations are $75 and purchases you:

  • Two professional head shots (can be two different looks if you choose). The digital files of your modestly retouched head shots will be delivered to you via following the event.
  • The opportunity to meet and network with other professionals in the community as well as the chance to learn more about ActionSpot and their offerings. Bring your business cards and flyers to share with others!
  • Receive some pointers on improving your resume from a Silicon Valley talent professional
  • Get makeup touchups before your head shots by members of Rose Hill and Crew
  • 10% of each ticket will be donated to our local chapter of Meals on Wheels of America to help support the needs of senior citizens in our community.

Space is limited to 25 participants, so make sure to reserve your space now. You will receive instructions on how to sign up for a specific head shot time slot. Studio and outdoor options are available for your photos.

Share this event with friends and colleagues who may be interested in polishing up their digital first impression with fresh head shots while helping support the great and long standing community organization that is Meals on Wheels.


Purchase Your Ticket at the Eventbrite Below!

Head Shot and Networking Event


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